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Keto Red Velvet Cupcakes

Moist velvety crumb, generously smothered with fluffy cream cheese frosting - can't go wrong with this classic ;)

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Size: 6 per pack 

info (on avg)
per cupcake* (~80g) per 100g*
Calories  292 kcal 365 kcal
Total Carbs  4.2g 5.3g
- Fibre 1.6g 2.0g
- Sugar 2.2g 2.8g
Total Fat 26.9g 33.7g
- Saturated 14.9g 18.6g
Protein 6.8g 8.6g

*with frosting


Almond flour
Coconut flour
Heavy cream
Cream cheese
Sweetener (Lakanto)

How to store

Please keep me refrigerated.

p.s I taste best when left out of the fridge at room temperature for 20 minutes before consuming!