About Us

BAKD Keto was born in 2021 because there was a distinct lack of keto-friendly desserts available here in Melbourne. If you have ever looked into buying keto, sugar-free or diabetic friendly desserts in Melbourne, you have probably found that they are either way too expensive, or lacking in a variety of ways. 

Keto Desserts That Look and Taste Even Better

Love desserts but despise the sugar? Look no further. All of our recipes are painstakingly devised to ensure that the taste is just right and that aesthetically they look the best they can.

Variety of Keto Cakes and Desserts 

We believe having a dietary requirement should not deter you from enjoying the things you love. This is why we offer a variety of keto friendly desserts - keto donuts, keto swiss roll, keto japanese cheesecake - all of which you may struggle to find elsewhere.

If you are passionate about cakes and desserts, but have a strict keto or diabetic diet to follow and are looking for tasty alternatives made to perfection, you've came to the right place!